ShowBox App is what took the market by storms when it came into existence. What makes it unique is it’s ability to let you stream HD movies and series, for free, and legally. The “legally” part makes it unique.  

Showbox APK

Meaning, Showbox doesn’t steal the movies or stream them from illegal or unauthorized sources, instead it’s an authorized application.

 ShowBox is not officially available for Android from Playstore, or for Windows PC! That’s what this article is about, showing you how to download Showbox for Android, Showbox for iPhone (iOS), and Windows Systems.


How to Download and Install Showbox for Android?

Showbox APP


ShowBox was removed from Playstore for unmentioned reasons, and hence this article was born. To download Showbox apk for Android:-

  • Before download Showbox APK App for Android, you need to make sure it can be installed on your system. The APK might not be getting directly installed on your system because it’s not from PlayStore,  So you need to allow the installation of “Non-playstore” applications on your device, to do so, Go to Settings >Security > turn on Unknown Sources.
  • Click here to get the APK file directly.
  • Transfer the APK to your device either via Bluetooth or USB. (Or any other method you prefer.)
  • Now just tap on the APK file you just downloaded to install it on your Android device.
  • Done! 

That was it! You can now enjoy Showbox APK on android seamlessly without any restrictions. The download link we provided to download Showbox APK for android, and is virus-free!

The reason it had to be provided as a direct link is that Showbox for Android isn’t available from the Android PlayStore, so the only way to get you the file is to let you download it independently.

How to download & install Showbox for iPhone, iPad and iOS?

download showbox for iphoe/ipad

So once you’ve downloaded Showbox for your android devices, you might get greedy and might want to know how to get the application for your iPhones and other iOS devices, right?

Again, Showbox app for iOS isn’t available online on the Apple store! But then again Showbox app for iOS or iPhone offers you the same features that it does to you on an Android device.

It let’s you stream and watch movies and series for free, combined with the advanced screen resolution and graphic pixels, showbox just becomes the perfect entertainment powerhouse for your iOS devices.

Here’s the step by step guide to download and install Showbox for iPhone and iOS devices:-

  • You need another application to run MovieBox on iOS.
  • Download Vshare app from its official website. Go for unjailbroken version.
  • Once the app is installed, search for Moviebox.
  • Now install MovieBox and enjoy free movies!

How to Download Showbox app For Windows PC?

Yup, if showbox for Android and showbox for iOS is available, how can you not have it for your Windows PC’s, right?

Showbox For PC is a video-streaming service, free and legal, so ofcourse the quality of the videos will be High-definition no doubt there, right?

Why waste such quality and service on a small android or iOS device? When you can have it on your large Windows monitors? Watching movies and series from Showbox will give you the real pleasure only when the screen is large enough.

You will need a third-party program, called Android Emulator to install and run Showbox on your Windows PC!

BlueStacks is the best android Emulator out there. It will create a virtual environment of android on your Windows PC’s, hence the app never knows that it’s not on a foreign OS and runs perfectly.

Android Emulators are totally legal and in terms with the T&C from Playstore, so in case you were wondering, no you aren’t doing something illegal.

Here are the step by step instructions to get Showbox for Windows 7/8/10!

  • Download BlueStacks.
  • Showbox APK APP Download .

Once you’ve both the files:-


  • Install Bluestacks emulator on your Windows PC.
  • Once it’s installed, a new window will open up. And it will look exactly like a new android device. Minimize it.
  • Now double click on the app icon to Showbox APK Download.
  • It will automatically integrate itself with Bluestacks and start running.

Done! So here’s the summary of how to download Showbox for Windows PC!

Download Bluestacks > Download Showbox APK > Double Click Showbox Apk > Done!

Yeah that’s pretty much about how to get showbox app for Windows 7/8/10 PC!

If you are finding any difficulty while installing ShowBox For PC, Please check out this video:

Showbox APK APP :- Downloading – Running and Using Showbox

showbox movies online


Yeah well I’ve covered how to download showbox for Android /iPhone and Windows in the above sections, right?

So let me get some basics straight.  To Download APK APP from this page, all you have to do is, click on the direct links.

I provided direct links for the reason so as to avoid you any more confusions or extra tabs. The links will begin the downloads instantly, no popup, survey or extra website.

Once it’s downloaded, just provide it the permissions from the android device to install and run it. While on the iOS device, just download and run it directly from the link provided.

Uses of Showbox

As I’ve mentioned repeatedly, showbox is a Video-streaming platform. It boasts extreme organisational potential, advanced filters and good quality videos.

Apart from that it even lets you download the videos directly! Yeah that makes it unique, which other platform out there offers you “legal” movie and series downloads? That too for free?

Additionally the user interface is extremely easy, you can use showbox to stream the videos and download them even if you’ve never operated an android device before. 

Not just the stream and download, even the filter options are pretty easy and neat, so you can use Showbox to filter watched movies, movies by genres, release dates and lot’s more.

In a nutshell, it’s the best video streaming and download app available out there in the market.

Final Verdict, Worth the Time & Effort?

If you’re a movie freak, if you enjoy watching good movies, with great quality, and being able to download them to watch them offline, then I’d say yes, showbox is worth everything for you.

Afterall, it’s free, right? It’s offering you a full packed entertainment package, for 0.00$! Not even a popup or Email collecting form, just couple clicks, and you’re getting the Showbox app for Android / iOs or windows.

What else could you possibly imagine more for? So yeah that was it folks, I’d love if you leave your questions and reviews down in the comment boxes.

showbox online

Showbox Movies Online

It’s so easy to catch your favorite movies for our generation. We don’t need to download complex software or pay vulgar amounts of money to subscribe to a service which will only entertain you when you’re online. Though these are the mainstream methods of watching movies nowadays, I prefer the app ShowBox Movies Online, which I access solely online, without downloading anything to my smartphone. I simply go to an online android emulator (i prefer Manymo), get ShowBox apk file and upload it to the emulator. And I’m free to watch Free ShowBox Movies Online. When I want, I can even download some to my PC to watch without the emulator!

Features of Showbox App

There’s no way you can contain your amazement when you read the Features of ShowBox Android app. This is one app that has stood the test of time, while most of its competitors have come and faded out, if not having faced bans. The app lets you watch free movies and TV shows, and in high resolutions too, not bad CAM prints. It plays subtitles, lets you download movies normally or through torrent, and even gets you the latest gossip from the entertainment industry. I even use the app to cast movies to the TV, and it’s easier than on any other platform! It’s a travesty this app hasn’t taken over the internet already!

Showbox Online

I’ve seen a lot of people struggle to install the Showbox APP on their Android smartphones, and it isn’t the best deal because the app weighs 40 MBs. So I prefer to access it online through an online emulator. To access ShowBox Online, I go to an Android Emulator that functions online, like Manymo. I upload ShowBox apk file to it, instead of installing it to my Android, and then launch it to enjoy the amazing movies and TV shows I’ve been missing out on.

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