Does Showbox have viruses / spyware?

The short answer is no, ShowBox doesn’t have any viruses or spyware.

showbox is safe

You can rest assured that all the rumors on the internet are false. The old, wide eye logo can surely make some people paranoid. Some have accused the ads matching what people search for  to be evidence of being spied upon. How can something be free and not be a threat, no?

Why the ads match your search results

The thing is, what you google is not strictly between you and the search engine you use. The data you generate is stored remotely so that nobody can access it, and then it is anonymously shared with advertisement agencies which use it to cater ads on the apps and websites they are engaged in. This data helps to serve relevant ads to the consumer so you find them useful for yourself.

So the ads you see on ShowBox APK aren’t evidence of spying. It is an attempt by ad agencies to get you to click the ad so they can earn more and share more with the developers of ShowBox, or any other app/website you’re seeing the ad on.

Fix for too many Ads: is the app a virus?

No, ShowBox is not a virus. There are certainly a few rogue apk files on the internet, which have modified and tweaked the original version to make an unsavoury app. These rogue apk files are fake and unauthorised by the developers of ShowBox. These files commonly give the app administrator privileges by default, and display ads no matter what you’re doing, even if ShowBox app has been closed and removed from the app tray.

The solution is to remove the app and install the latest apk file. The rogue apk files are usually of the 4.72 version, and so spotting them should be easy. Get the latest ShowBox 4.82 version from the internet and install it, after uninstalling the previous version.

To remove the previous rogue version, revoke the app’s administrator privileges from the App Settings. You should be able to uninstall it right away, if you have previously been unable to.