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We’re all fans of Kodi. The app is a powerhouse of entertainment and promises to keep you engaged for hours. Kodi is meant to be controlled by a remote control, and can get you features to rival any contemporary home theater system, while also getting you the ability to enjoy content from a HDD, the internet or elsewhere.

Not to forget, Kodi can also be made to install on TVs, using Android TV boxes or other means. With an amazing movie and TV show watching app like ShowBox, this can effectively eliminate all need to pay for a cable service. Imagine the amount of money you’ll save each year!

showbox for kodi

How to Get Kodi?

Kodi is available for a variety of platforms, be it Windows, iOS devices, Macs or Android devices. The latest Kodi 17.0 Krypton can be installed with ease, in a matter of seconds. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Kodi’s website. You can look for it on Google.
  2. Go to the Downloads bar on the top menu.
  3. Now, choose the OS you use, out of Android, Linux, iOS, Mac, Windows and others. Click the option from the top.
  4. This should take you to a Wiki page. Read through the installation procedure, since it differs for each device. Follow it and you are ready to enjoy Kodi on your device.

Once this is accomplished, the rest of the process is simple. Now you need to load ShowBox source to the Kodi interface and you should be able to play amazing entertainment content on Kodi’s futuristic interface.

download showbox for kodi

How to Install ShowBox for Kodi

  1. Go to System, enter File manager and go to Add Source. Here, you’re going to add ShowBox’s content library so it is available to access.
  2. Click “Browse”, and enter “” into the dialog box. Press Done.
  3. Name the source “ShowBox”, or anything else you’d like to call it.
  4. Now, go to Settings from the home screen, and enter Programs.
  5. Go to Add Ons, and Install from Zip. Open the source you named ShowBox in the third step (or whatever other name you chose).
  6. Run “”. This should begin installing ShowBox on Kodi, and you should be able to access amazing movies and TV shows instantly.

No matter what your device, you can get ShowBox on Kodi with the same method. Using the Kodi remote control is ideal, but nothing beats touch interface.

ShowBox for Kodi is the best way to get rid of paying cable costs altogether. The app works even if the cable signals are disturbed due to weather. All the money you need to pay is your regular internet plan. Kodi’s amazing home theater experience makes movies even more enjoyable, with high quality surround sound optimisation, easy scrolling and control and the amazing Kodi remote control. ShowBox’s amazing content library makes for the perfect addendum to Kodi, and you get to watch your favorite movies and TV shows directly on the big screen without having to fumble with screen casting or wait for downloads.

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