ShowBox for Chromecast using GrowBox

Screen casting is the latest fad to enter the internet. And it isn’t terribly difficult to figure why everyone is gung ho about it. It’s generally a great idea to be able to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies on the big screen. To add to it, there are a lot on good movies and TV shows on our very own ShowBox app, which we have previously discussed upon. Want to know how to cast your movies and TV shows to the big screen? Read below!

showbox for chromecast

The trouble with ShowBox and screencasting

A lot (and i mean a lot) of ShowBox users have reported problems trying to cast their favorite content to TVs and other Chromecast enabled devices. The problem seems to be with ShowBox’s default media player app, MX Player, which refuses to carry media from ShowBox to a casting app.

The solution devised by the ShowBox community, specifically by AllCast developers, is a substitute for MX Player, which resembles MX Player in all aspects except it also supports ShowBox screen casting. The app is called GrowBox, and you can get it online through a simple Google Search. Here’s how to get it done.

The essentials of ShowBox Chromecasting using GrowBox:

  • A Chromecasting enabled TV set.
  • If you have a regular TV, then a Chromecast stick to plug into the USB port.
  • GrowBox app on your Android device, with MX Player uninstalled.
  • A screen casting app you like, be it AllCast, LocalCast or any other you fancy.
  • A good WiFi connection.

download showbox chromecast

How to Chromecast ShowBox content using GrowBox app:

To Chromecast your movies and TV show episodes using GrowBox, follow these steps in the order they are given to ensure success.

  1. Plug in the Chromecast stick into your TV. Connect your TV to the WiFi signal. This is essential.
  2. Install GrowBox if you haven’t. Make sure you also uninstall MX Player.
  3. Launch ShowBox on your Android device.
  4. Choose a movie you want to watch and tap its icon to go to the page.
  5. Choose your prefered resolution, toggle subtitles if you need to, and choose a player format and server most suitable for you. Torrent servers might not work in some places due to local laws restricting torrent use.
  6. Play the content using the Watch Now button. The content should load on GrowBox as naturally as it did on MX Player.
  7. Once done, go to the top right menu on the screen while the content is playing.
  8. Go to Tools, and choose Cast.
  9. You should now be able to select a screen casting app from ones you have downloaded.
  10. Connect to your Chromecast enabled TV as your app requires (the process varies from app to app).

Your content should play seamlessly on your Chromecast enabled TV, all due to Growbox supporting ShowBox’s amazing content.

Some have been able to cast their entertainment to the big screen using screen casting apps directly, without using an intermediary media player. Using Growbox is superior in my opinion, since it converts your Android device into a scroll friendly remote control.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.