A Handbook On Using GrowBox To Run ShowBox On Chromecast

ShowBox has an entire galaxy of content, on every respective genre that you can remember on your fingertip – romance, drama, suspense, thriller, comedy and so on and so forth. And, this is why, this gem of a streaming application finds a lot of true fans among the audience worldwide.

ShowBox is a top-rated streaming application that allows you to watch content, including movies, TV soaps, and games, for free. And, it’s success, for being a user-friendly, content-rich app, cannot be mimicked in any time soon.

Since ShowBox is a 360-degree source of entertainment, which is provided at full-tilt, no media player is as good as Chromecast to connect it with the television directly.

Here, we’ll get to know how GrowBox can stream content from Showbox APK App on Chromecast.

Interested? Move ahead then!

showbox on Growbox

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What’s GrowBox?

GrowBox is an APK, which has invariably outsmarted MX Player, when it comes to running ShowBox on Chromecast.

GrowBox is an ideal substitute for MX Player, an Android video player, which was earlier used for ShowBox run on Chromecast, but later, proved to be of no significant use, due to a couple of functional changes.

However, the quick respite came in the garb of GrowBox, which made it possible for all of us to play ShowBox’s content on Chromecast.

ShowBox on Chromecast – The GrowBox Way

Cut to the chase!

The affiliation between ShowBox and Chromecast has been massively discussed and written about. But, the newest addition to this dynamite duo, making it a terrific trio, is GrowBox.

In this space below, we will tell you the how-to on streaming Showbox’s movies and TV shows directly on the Chromecast using the very latest GrowBox.

We’re sure, this guide is going to a great, great fillip to all of you.

showbox app

Let’s Get It Started. Right On!

Step One: As an essential first, uninstall the MX Player from your device (of course, only if you have it). Go to apps gallery of your device, right-click the icon, and hit install button to delete the application.

Step Two: The step, second in the sequence, is going to the ‘Settings’ section of the device, selecting ‘Security’ tab, and switching on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option.

Step Three: Now, install GrowBox APK file on your device. And, once the installation ends, go to Google Play Store, in order to install another app ‘All Cast’.

Step Four: Once the installation reaches its finish, open ShowBox and deselect the ‘Use Internal Player’ option.

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Step Five: Arriving at the final stage, you need to hit the ‘Watch Now’ option, open your preferred movie/TV Show, and open with ‘All Cast’ app.

Step Six: All Cast will immediately start searching a media player to run the content. That’s when you have to select the Chromecast for smooth streaming.

Since you’ve successfully gone through the process, your setting for the entertainment of grand scale is ready and up for grabs. Good work!

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