Top 5 Apps for Android Which Are Truly About Entertainment

The only reason why cable television has become a less relevant part of our routines is the advent of streaning technology, and its ultimate union with the ballooning culture of smartphones. So, here is the list of top 5 Android apps for better entertainment, which you should definitely download. 


showbox app

ShowBox is one of the finest discoveries in the space of streaming that allows you to watch tons of entertainment content, including movies, TV shows and games, at a single place. The application is at a friendlier terms with all OS in the markets – iOS, Windows and Android, and serves a huge scoop of entertainment at no charges at all. ShowBox lives the merit of providing the HD content, the one with no annoying glitches and pixelated views, for FREE. So, this application is something to cherished, now and always.

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Google Play Movies

google play movies

This comes from the Big Daddy of the cyber space – Google. An video on demand service, Google Play Movies provides quality content in High Definition, and also comes with a 4K Ultra 4D video option for selective titles. The app offers a pool of watchable content, including movies and TV shows, which can be downloaded for free. It comes with a beautiful 40 free download services, which is a major plus. The content of Google Play Movies can be streamed on Google Play (using Google Chrome web browser), and on the mobile app for Android and iOS.

Download Showbox Latest APK



Crackle is an eye-to-eye competitor to ShowBox, and for reasons more than one. The application has a broad spectrum of movies and TV soaps, and is mindblowingly compatible with streaming players, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and much more. The winning point is its user-interface, which is extremely easy to use and highly clean. Crackle is one streamer you shouldn’t think twice before grabbing it. And yes, it’s FREE!



Want entertainment on the move? Viewster happens to be one of the most excellent streaming service across the board. The application has a whale of entertainment stuff, including movies, Anime and TV shows, which is provided for free. What makes it fetch more good in terms of functionality is how it allows users to view the biography of actors and actresses.



Netflix is the name that needs no introduction, no embroidery around. It is widely acclaimed for its engaging content, no-frills subscription plans, and constant upgrades. It offers the best and the acclaimed of the entertainment world, be it the documentaries, movies or TV shows. Netflix is a paid streaming service, but you can also subscribe its free trial of 30 days to gauge its performance.

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