A Close Comparison between ShowBox, Netflix and Terrarium TV

Are you facing a tough time while selecting a decent streaming service? Or, have you simply ran out of luck with your recent purchase?

Trust us, you aren’t the only one!

There are umpteen app options when it comes to streaming channels, and amidst the deafening marketing noise, which bombards you with lofty claims and mutes your rationality, you often end up making the wrong decision. The result?

The streaming app doesn’t work as you expect it to.

Here, we’ve come out with an end-to-end comparison between three main streaming channels, where we have examined them on various performance parameters.

Take a look!

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Showbox APK APP has been charting the territory, which is followed by the rest, and this makes it a pioneer in the arena of streaming entertainment. It’s huge in terms of everything – entertainment choices, user-friendliness, customization features and much more.


  • It’s free (With IAPs);
  • Offers content in High Definition;
  • An extensive and exclusive range of TV shows, movies, music, games and what not;
  • Frequently upgraded to bring you the newest and the latest of the entertainment world;
  • Downloads happen in a blink, faster than you think;
  • Absolutely easy to use;
  • Content is fetched from the most reliable sources;
  • Compatible with Android, Windows and iOS;


  • Makes your phone slow to a crawl;
  • May crash due to busy, overly occupied networks;
  • Constant need of updating the app may make you feel a little irritated;

Genres Available: Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Thriller, Horror, Sci-Fi, Animation, Anime, Documentary, Crime, LGBT, and Kids.

Genres Unavailable: Cult, History, Health, War, Korean and Western.



Netflix is the reason why many people enjoy an entertainment fest, more often than not. One of the earliest launchers in the streaming business, Netflix has evolved to be a household name, and been credited with having us developed a taste for streaming services.  


  • Scores of entertainment options to keep your entertainment go in full swing;
  • Frequent recommendations on movies, TV shows and much more, based on your taste and preferences;
  • Always on the upgrade;
  • Subscription plans starting from $7.99 a month;
  • You will surely bowl over the quality of Netflix originals – clear, non-pixelated and glitch-free;
  • Fantastic interface;


  • No timeline for the availability of content. Your favourite movie may come and vanish from the gallery sooner than you realize;
  • Consumes all your data pack very quickly;
  • Some movies/TV shows may arrive late on Netflix;
  • The moment your subscription ends, you become ineligible to access Netflix’s gallery;

Genres Available: Action & Adventure, Anime, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Thriller, War, Musicals, Sci-Fi, Animation, Documentary, Crime, Cult, LGBT, Faith and Spirituality, Sports and Fitness and Kids.

Genres Unavailable: There is nothing that Netflix doesn’t offer. It has over 76,000 categories, which you need to unlock by using the numbers, given at the end of category URL.  

Terrarium TV

terrarium tv

Terrarium TV is a new entrant in the fray, and holds a lot of promise, as being an immediate substitute for ShowBox. It is slowly gathering momentum in the industry, but still has a long way to go to become as perfect as ShowBox.


  • It’s free (With IAPs);
  • A voluminous range of entertainment, including movies, TV shows, games and much more;
  • Compatible with Chromecast;
  • Bookmark your favourite movies/TV shows with a click;
  • Customize your own gallery with your favourite picks;
  • Great for multiple downloads;
  • Multi-language subtitles;
  • Simple to use;


  • Sometimes, subtitles lose the sync with the videos;
  • Lots of technical snags, which make viewing a sheer pain;
  • Eats up a whole chunk of space on your smartphone;
  • Slow downloads;
  • Nothing eye-catching on the interface. Terrarium TV bears a done-to-death look;

Genres Available: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Comedy, Thriller, Romantic, Drama, Animation, documentaries and Short films.

Genres Unavailable: Crime, Cult, LGBT, Anime, Health, War, and Korean.

End Notes

We hope, we’ve made your search a little easy with our comparison. Now, make a great purchase!

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