A Close Comparison between ShowBox, Netflix and Terrarium TV

Are you facing a tough time while selecting a decent streaming service? Or, have you simply ran out of luck with your recent purchase?

Trust us, you aren’t the only one!

There are umpteen app options when it comes to streaming channels, and amidst the deafening marketing noise, which bombards you with lofty claims and mutes your rationality, you often end up making the wrong decision. The result?

The streaming app doesn’t work as you expect it to.

Here, we’ve come out with an end-to-end comparison between three main streaming channels, where we have examined them on various performance parameters.

Take a look!

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Showbox APK APP has been charting the territory, which is followed by the rest, and this makes it a pioneer in the arena of streaming entertainment. It’s huge in terms of everything – entertainment choices, user-friendliness, customization features and much more.


  • It’s free (With IAPs);
  • Offers content in High Definition;
  • An extensive and exclusive range of TV shows, movies, music, games and what not;
  • Frequently upgraded to bring you the newest and the latest of the entertainment world;
  • Downloads happen in a blink, faster than you think;
  • Absolutely easy to use;
  • Content is fetched from the most reliable sources;
  • Compatible with Android, Windows and iOS;


  • Makes your phone slow to a crawl;
  • May crash due to busy, overly occupied networks;
  • Constant need of updating the app may make you feel a little irritated;

Genres Available: Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Thriller, Horror, Sci-Fi, Animation, Anime, Documentary, Crime, LGBT, and Kids.

Genres Unavailable: Cult, History, Health, War, Korean and Western.



Netflix is the reason why many people enjoy an entertainment fest, more often than not. One of the earliest launchers in the streaming business, Netflix has evolved to be a household name, and been credited with having us developed a taste for streaming services.  


  • Scores of entertainment options to keep your entertainment go in full swing;
  • Frequent recommendations on movies, TV shows and much more, based on your taste and preferences;
  • Always on the upgrade;
  • Subscription plans starting from $7.99 a month;
  • You will surely bowl over the quality of Netflix originals – clear, non-pixelated and glitch-free;
  • Fantastic interface;


  • No timeline for the availability of content. Your favourite movie may come and vanish from the gallery sooner than you realize;
  • Consumes all your data pack very quickly;
  • Some movies/TV shows may arrive late on Netflix;
  • The moment your subscription ends, you become ineligible to access Netflix’s gallery;

Genres Available: Action & Adventure, Anime, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Thriller, War, Musicals, Sci-Fi, Animation, Documentary, Crime, Cult, LGBT, Faith and Spirituality, Sports and Fitness and Kids.

Genres Unavailable: There is nothing that Netflix doesn’t offer. It has over 76,000 categories, which you need to unlock by using the numbers, given at the end of category URL.  

Terrarium TV

terrarium tv

Terrarium TV is a new entrant in the fray, and holds a lot of promise, as being an immediate substitute for ShowBox. It is slowly gathering momentum in the industry, but still has a long way to go to become as perfect as ShowBox.


  • It’s free (With IAPs);
  • A voluminous range of entertainment, including movies, TV shows, games and much more;
  • Compatible with Chromecast;
  • Bookmark your favourite movies/TV shows with a click;
  • Customize your own gallery with your favourite picks;
  • Great for multiple downloads;
  • Multi-language subtitles;
  • Simple to use;


  • Sometimes, subtitles lose the sync with the videos;
  • Lots of technical snags, which make viewing a sheer pain;
  • Eats up a whole chunk of space on your smartphone;
  • Slow downloads;
  • Nothing eye-catching on the interface. Terrarium TV bears a done-to-death look;

Genres Available: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Comedy, Thriller, Romantic, Drama, Animation, documentaries and Short films.

Genres Unavailable: Crime, Cult, LGBT, Anime, Health, War, and Korean.

End Notes

We hope, we’ve made your search a little easy with our comparison. Now, make a great purchase!

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ShowBox Isn’t Working on Fire Stick? This is How You Can Remedy It.

Amazon Fire Stick is a simple way to stream content on TV. By plugging it with one of the HDMI ports of your television, you can source thousands and thousands of movies, TV shows, music, sports and more, from the streaming bigshots, such as ShowBox, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon video and the list continues. Fire Stick connects to the port directly, and this is why, you need no cord to pair up the devices with it.

Using Amazon Fire Stick, you can watch your favourite movies/TV shows from any place of your choice, from home, in hotels, during travel, and so on. With features like Voice Search and Prime Music, this is indeed a boss thing. And, for movie junkies, it’s one salvation from the monotony.

showbox on fire stick

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The key to Downloading ShowBox on Amazon Fire Stick

As you scan every word written on this section below, you will begin to discover the most accurate way to install ShowBox on Amazon Fire Stick.

The steps are as follows:

Step One: Head to ‘Settings’ tab on your device, and slide the option of ‘Unknown Sources’ to green. By doing so, you will be able to download Showbox Latest APK on your device.

Notably, ShowBox app isn’t available on Google Play Store, and thereby, downloading its APK file is the only viable way to get it on-board. Then, you won’t be running into many problems with the application.

Step Two: Next, move to the ‘Search’ option, and search ‘ES file explorer’. Soon, you will be able to see the ShowBox app on Amazon Store. Hit the ‘Download’ button to get the app.  

Step Three: Once downloading finishes, open the ShowBox application and tap on the first option of ‘favourite’. You need to bookmark the application, so as to finding it easily on the screen. Press ‘Add’.

Step Four: Moving ahead, you need to take a tour of the application to find the ShowBox URL, and click it. The download of ShowBox Zip file will be instantly prompted by this.

Step Five: Now, extract the same file to your preferred location on the device, and click ‘Download Folder’ from the menu on the left-hand side.

Step Six: You will spot the ShowBox folder soon, from where, you will be required to download the APK file.

Aim Achieved! ShowBox app is accessible to you via Fire Stick. In case, you face troubles in whatever we have instructed above, you can anytime go to Amazon Fire Stick Support to gain clarity on the subject.

Fixing ShowBox Issues on Amazon Fire Stick

For every problem related to ShowBox download, there is one sure-shot measure.

  • Uninstall the application, as you might be using an outdated version of it;
  • Clear the data and everything that’s making a mess in the cache;
  • Install the very latest APK version of the application;

End Notes

ShowBox offers you an unprecedented opportunity to watch the entertainment of your choice. And, for FREE. Wouldn’t it be really amazing to have it? Ask yourself!

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Top 5 Apps for Android Which Are Truly About Entertainment

The only reason why cable television has become a less relevant part of our routines is the advent of streaning technology, and its ultimate union with the ballooning culture of smartphones. So, here is the list of top 5 Android apps for better entertainment, which you should definitely download. 


showbox app

ShowBox is one of the finest discoveries in the space of streaming that allows you to watch tons of entertainment content, including movies, TV shows and games, at a single place. The application is at a friendlier terms with all OS in the markets – iOS, Windows and Android, and serves a huge scoop of entertainment at no charges at all. ShowBox lives the merit of providing the HD content, the one with no annoying glitches and pixelated views, for FREE. So, this application is something to cherished, now and always.

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Google Play Movies

google play movies

This comes from the Big Daddy of the cyber space – Google. An video on demand service, Google Play Movies provides quality content in High Definition, and also comes with a 4K Ultra 4D video option for selective titles. The app offers a pool of watchable content, including movies and TV shows, which can be downloaded for free. It comes with a beautiful 40 free download services, which is a major plus. The content of Google Play Movies can be streamed on Google Play (using Google Chrome web browser), and on the mobile app for Android and iOS.

Download Showbox Latest APK



Crackle is an eye-to-eye competitor to ShowBox, and for reasons more than one. The application has a broad spectrum of movies and TV soaps, and is mindblowingly compatible with streaming players, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and much more. The winning point is its user-interface, which is extremely easy to use and highly clean. Crackle is one streamer you shouldn’t think twice before grabbing it. And yes, it’s FREE!



Want entertainment on the move? Viewster happens to be one of the most excellent streaming service across the board. The application has a whale of entertainment stuff, including movies, Anime and TV shows, which is provided for free. What makes it fetch more good in terms of functionality is how it allows users to view the biography of actors and actresses.



Netflix is the name that needs no introduction, no embroidery around. It is widely acclaimed for its engaging content, no-frills subscription plans, and constant upgrades. It offers the best and the acclaimed of the entertainment world, be it the documentaries, movies or TV shows. Netflix is a paid streaming service, but you can also subscribe its free trial of 30 days to gauge its performance.

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Is Streaming Legal? Know How Far Is Too Far

Internet is not a room with a door. It’s a wide virtual expanse, where you get an interrupted space to move around, but, are also exposed to a host of dangers and threats – some known, some not!

Your defence? To keep yourself well-informed about what you do the maximum on the Internet.

The Coming-Together of Internet and Entertainment

is showbox legal

It was in early 90s when the Internet had started to virtually charm everyone. Now, we sit in 2017, playing a testimony to the fact that it has revolutionized everything since then, including the way we watch the TV.

Yes, we are pointing at the advent of streaming cinema, and its eventful boom.

Streaming TV services on the Internet is how the millennials consume entertainment – movies, TV shows, games, videos and lots more. Apps, like ShowBox, NetFlix, Terrarium TV and HotStar, provide the most amazing content for free to millions, and thereby, have enough loyalists who swear by their names.

You get an extensive gallery of movies and TV shows, going where, you can pick your favorite stuff, and watch it, anytime, anywhere.

To speak of that, it’s no brainer to understand why streaming services are making hay.

Play, Watch, Enjoy – But, Know Where To Draw a Line

What we are penning down right here is very, very important to know about streaming content. Thus, we command your attention!

Streaming can be illegal, we repeat, illegal, and can throw you in a legal clutter. But only if you don’t know how to go about it.

Most of the channels, like ShowBox, Netflix and Terrarium TV, provide content using streaming technology, and not via Torreting, which makes their use totally safe. So, you can use this content with no fear of paying hefty penalty or facing jail, in sight.

Since these channels are sourcing content from other legal channels, and not hosting it, there is no copyright violation happening in the background.

However, if you share or upload the content elsewhere on the Internet, you have stirred up the hornet’s nest. It constitutes a copyright infringement.

Remember, when you stream content, your IP address is always visible. So, if you attempt something out of legal tolerance, you can be easily tracked.

Is ShowBox Legal? The Answer is YES.

ShowBox is wonderful to have, and movie junkies throw bouquets at it. The application is your go-to platform to watch the widest range of movies and TV shows, picked up from all over the world. And, the best part is – ShowBox is free!

However, there is still a lot of uncertainty about the legitimacy of ShowBox and its content.

For those who are seeking the answer, ShowBox is completely legal, and so, you can park your thoughts of landing up in a legal mess aside. ShowBox scours only trusted mediums of entertainment to get you the most amazing scoop, and therefore, it is safe for all of us to use it.

The application is not available on Google Play Store for download, but you can Download Showbox  APK version from a reliable source.

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Can You Request Movie/TV Show on ShowBox? Know the Answer Here

ShowBox is no longer just a streaming application. It’s a habit to millions out there – they simply cannot do without it.

We abide to the fact that streaming service took our TV dynamics to a whole new level. But, it’s ShowBox, which defined them all for us. It’s a streaming application, one of the most earliest ones, that maintains and upgrades the most grandest library of movies, TV shows, music videos, games and much more.

Needless to say, the application enjoys a massive fan-following, and hogging the limelight, for being the most intuitive, friendly, and reasonable app out there.

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ShowBox provides HD content for free, which is its crowning shot.

movies request on showbox

Requesting Your Favorite Movie/TV Show on ShowBox

Just as you know, ShowBox has a huge variety of entertainment, and this is why, it’s truly one knockout of an application. It constantly brings in new updates, while adding new movies and TV shows, just to keep you well-provided with your entertainment dope. However, sometimes, it happens that you do not find the movie or TV show you wish to watch. And, that’s when disappointment stems in.

Do not worry! As we’re going to tell you something worth-knowing.

Yes, you can request your favorite movies and TV shows by reaching the request section of the application. All you need is to fill in some details, and the rest can be managed by ShowBox.

Features That Make ShowBox An App With Distinction

Showbox APK streaming application is a pack of pride, and holds a great promise for the future as well. Here, we have chalked out a complete list, showing what makes ShowBox an app with a distinction.

It’s Free: ShowBox provides you an access to the biggest and the most diverse collection of movies and TV shows for FREE. *Thumbs-up Given*

It’s Compatible: ShowBox is an application that’s combatible with all leading OS, including Windows, Android and iOS. However, there is no direct approach to its download, as some have to use its APK version, while others have to turn to BlueStacks emulator.

It’s Reliable: ShowBox builds its roster of entertainment by driving content from all the top-end sources. And, this is why it’s anything but pure entertainment.

It’s User-friendly: ShowBox is super-easy to use, and offers a creamy navigation across its interface. You can use it very efficiently without a hint of confusion.

ShowBox Download

ShowBox download happens in a jiffy.

When downloading it for Android, you need to install the APK file on your system. On the other hand, if you are trying to get the application for Windows or MAC computers, you need to use BlueStacks emulator for the same – the mechanism that transforms a Windows ambiance to that of an Android and clears the way for the application to run.

Showbox is a great app that’s lets you customize your entertainment feed. It’s definitely worth a shot.

A Handbook On Using GrowBox To Run ShowBox On Chromecast

ShowBox has an entire galaxy of content, on every respective genre that you can remember on your fingertip – romance, drama, suspense, thriller, comedy and so on and so forth. And, this is why, this gem of a streaming application finds a lot of true fans among the audience worldwide.

ShowBox is a top-rated streaming application that allows you to watch content, including movies, TV soaps, and games, for free. And, it’s success, for being a user-friendly, content-rich app, cannot be mimicked in any time soon.

Since ShowBox is a 360-degree source of entertainment, which is provided at full-tilt, no media player is as good as Chromecast to connect it with the television directly.

Here, we’ll get to know how GrowBox can stream content from Showbox APK App on Chromecast.

Interested? Move ahead then!

showbox on Growbox

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What’s GrowBox?

GrowBox is an APK, which has invariably outsmarted MX Player, when it comes to running ShowBox on Chromecast.

GrowBox is an ideal substitute for MX Player, an Android video player, which was earlier used for ShowBox run on Chromecast, but later, proved to be of no significant use, due to a couple of functional changes.

However, the quick respite came in the garb of GrowBox, which made it possible for all of us to play ShowBox’s content on Chromecast.

ShowBox on Chromecast – The GrowBox Way

Cut to the chase!

The affiliation between ShowBox and Chromecast has been massively discussed and written about. But, the newest addition to this dynamite duo, making it a terrific trio, is GrowBox.

In this space below, we will tell you the how-to on streaming Showbox’s movies and TV shows directly on the Chromecast using the very latest GrowBox.

We’re sure, this guide is going to a great, great fillip to all of you.

showbox app

Let’s Get It Started. Right On!

Step One: As an essential first, uninstall the MX Player from your device (of course, only if you have it). Go to apps gallery of your device, right-click the icon, and hit install button to delete the application.

Step Two: The step, second in the sequence, is going to the ‘Settings’ section of the device, selecting ‘Security’ tab, and switching on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option.

Step Three: Now, install GrowBox APK file on your device. And, once the installation ends, go to Google Play Store, in order to install another app ‘All Cast’.

Step Four: Once the installation reaches its finish, open ShowBox and deselect the ‘Use Internal Player’ option.

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Step Five: Arriving at the final stage, you need to hit the ‘Watch Now’ option, open your preferred movie/TV Show, and open with ‘All Cast’ app.

Step Six: All Cast will immediately start searching a media player to run the content. That’s when you have to select the Chromecast for smooth streaming.

Since you’ve successfully gone through the process, your setting for the entertainment of grand scale is ready and up for grabs. Good work!

ShowBox Download for Tablets Guide: This is How You Do It

Entertainment via Streaming is a sweet thing. You can watch any movie of your choice, any TV show of your preference, on the move, without shelling out anything from your pocket. And, one application, which has broken the shell and aced the concept of streaming, is Showbox.

It’s a streaming application of top ranks with the greatest gallery of TV shows/movies/games, the widest reach, and the largest fandom. The application has made a huge name for itself by providing top-of-the-line entertainment with no cost at all.

And, what adds more stars to its starry stature is its user-friendliness. Moreover, it comes up with so many deals and discounted vouchers for its users that it’s difficult to give it a skip.

showbox for tablet

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Showbox for Tablet PC

Lately, we’ve been bombarded with the queries on whether Showbox can be downloaded on tablets, or not. Thus, we pulled up our sleeves, and decided to write a piece, which can get this matter sorted for all, once and for all.

Much to your ease and contentment, we have come out with a detailed low-down on downloading Showbox for both Android and iOS tablets.

As you move further on this page, a complete, step-to-step will come across really nicely, answering every doubt that you had till this time. So, this is your way to go!

This is the Right Way to Download Showbox on Android Tablet

Step One: As a first, download ShowBox APK file on your Android tablet from a reliable source. Obviously, you need to search the deep corners of the Internet to get that one link that provides some smooth action.

Step Two: Now, reach the ‘Settings’ section of the device, look for ‘Security’ tab, and slide the option of ‘Unknown Sources’ to green. Doing so, you will put the system in right to download apps that belong to outside sources.

Step Three: Visit the app gallery of the device, and run the Showbox APK file, which you have downloaded in Step One.

Step Four: Agree with all the terms and conditions the dialog box puts forward, and install it on your Android device.

As easy as pie! Isn’t it?

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This is the Right Way to Download Showbox on iOS Tablet


showbox for ios tablet

Step One: Visit vShare, where you can get download the un-jailbroken version of the Showbox application. Install it on your device in the next.

Step Two: Now, move to your Home Screen to open vShare and search ‘Movie Box’. You will soon be taken to a dmg file of the Showbox, which is very similar to its APK version.

Step Three: Moving ahead, you need to install the dmg file of the Showbox on your device.

Step Four: Towards the end, all you need to do is open the MovieBox app on your device, and select the movie/TV show you are desirous of watching on your iOS tablet.

End Notes

We hope, these methods work for you, and you all get a Showbox on your respective tablets. For more such updates, tips and advice on ShowBox, keep coming to this space more often.

An Easy Guide to Install ShowBox Updates

It is already an accepted fact that ShowBox is in the pole position, and appears unassailable with respect to its concourse of movies, TV shows, games and much more. We really don’t have any qualms about hooking to this streaming platform for hours; hours on which we actually lose our count.

However, ShowBox may seem dry as dust if you don’t update it very frequently. And, what’s good of an entertainment if it isn’t fresh, out-straight-from-the-oven kind?

It’s highly imperative to update ShowBox to get yourself the very latest from the entertainment biz. If you fail to launch these updates when required, your ShowBox gallery will not show the latest movies, TV serials, music and anything that you need to keep yourself well-absorbed.

ShowBox updates are necessary if you don’t wish to face those irksome function

showbox update guideal errors. You may end up receiving a lot of ads, faulty apk files and interrupted download downloads. And, of course, that’s not how you want your ShowBox to work. Right?

Two Surefire Ways to Get Showbox Updated

Updating Showbox is no robotics, and can be done in no moment. All you need is a right guide.

So, if you have been doing loud thinking on how to update your ShowBox, and are seeking help, we are here with an all-inclusive guide to get you out of the fix.

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Going The Manual Way

First is the manual way of updating ShowBox. A series of sequential steps has been elaborated here.

Step One: To begin with, uninstall the outdated version of ShowBox from your device, and install the new APK file.

Step Two: Now, pair your smartphone with the computer, and copy the new file to your smartphone.

Step Three: As you make progress, you will be required to find the apk file on your phone, and install it by tapping on it.

Step Four: Wait till the installation ends. The moment it finishes, click ShowBox icon to run it on your device.


Using the App Itself

The second method revolves around using the Showbox APK App itself. Follow these steps in the same order as mentioned to get yourself the Showbox of your desires.

Step One: Go to the app corner of your device, or to the Home Screen to open ShowBox app.

Step Two: Access the Menu of the app by tapping on the icon, present at the top left of the screen.

Step Three: You will soon see an ‘Updates’ option in the Menu. Click to find out if there are any new updates available for the ShowBox.

Step Four: In the end, just install the updates, by either clicking each of them individually, or all at once.

When You Should Update Showbox

Showbox throws broad signals on you when it needs an update. And, yes, they’re too prominent to let them go off.

An upgrade to your ShowBox is your next immediate if:

– You don’t get latest movies and TV shows on your application;

– The application hits a lot of snags and interruptions;

– There is a big breakout of ads, ruptured apk files and stalled torrent links.

An All-in-All Guide to Cast ShowBox Content on Chromecast

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Showbox is a real rocker in the world of streaming entertainment. It is a much-loved application to watch movies, TV shows and games in High Definition, and that too, for free.

Touted as the best streaming app ever, this application is well-equipped to work on both PCs and Mobile Phones.

Download Showbox APK, entertainment is such a great thing to have. You can watch your favorite TV shows and movies at any time you want. So, you never have to compromise on your daily dose of entertainment. Never, ever!

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Now that our lives are more about smartphones and the Internet, an app like Showbox for entertainment is indeed a big shot in the arm. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Showbox is a fortunate stroke for movie buffs in all probability.

showbox chromecast

Showbox is a Marvel. Know Why

ShowBox, hands down, is the best app on the firmament for streaming, and is likely to stay evergreen in terms of likeability and reach, now and ever. It is such a user-friendly application that you will start loving it in no time at all.

The application maintains and upgrades the largest volume of movies, TV shows and much more, which is the greatest reason of its phenomenal success.

ShowBox is very much regular with free vouchers for its users, which is another plus.

And yes, the content, meant for downloading and streaming, is rich, qualitative and very, very diverse.

Showbox on Chromecast

ShowBox’s content can be streamed effortlessly on Chromecast – a digital media player by Google, using which, you can access content straight on your television, or any device of your choice.

If you wish to cast ShowBox’s content on Chromecast, you need to know that the process cannot be carried out without any intervention or mediation. You need an app, known as All Cast, to play ShowBox on Chromecast.

Scrolling down, you can see the exact process of running ShowBox on Chromecast.

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Steps to Cast Showbox on Chromecast

Step One: As the first step, install the All Cast app on your device from the Google Play Store, and open it soon after, so that it gets activated.

Step Two: The second step requires you to open the ShowBox app, and select the movie/TV show you want to watch via All Cast. Move on to select the quality of the video as well.

Step Three: Now, change the player to Other Player, and tap ‘Watch Now’.

Step Four: Open the All Cast app again, and select your Chromecast player.

Step Five: You’re all geared up now. Now, plomp on your couch, stream content on Chromecast, and spend some boss time.

ShowBox for Chromecast using GrowBox

Screen casting is the latest fad to enter the internet. And it isn’t terribly difficult to figure why everyone is gung ho about it. It’s generally a great idea to be able to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies on the big screen. To add to it, there are a lot on good movies and TV shows on our very own ShowBox app, which we have previously discussed upon. Want to know how to cast your movies and TV shows to the big screen? Read below!

showbox for chromecast

The trouble with ShowBox and screencasting

A lot (and i mean a lot) of ShowBox users have reported problems trying to cast their favorite content to TVs and other Chromecast enabled devices. The problem seems to be with ShowBox’s default media player app, MX Player, which refuses to carry media from ShowBox to a casting app.

The solution devised by the ShowBox community, specifically by AllCast developers, is a substitute for MX Player, which resembles MX Player in all aspects except it also supports ShowBox screen casting. The app is called GrowBox, and you can get it online through a simple Google Search. Here’s how to get it done.

The essentials of ShowBox Chromecasting using GrowBox:

  • A Chromecasting enabled TV set.
  • If you have a regular TV, then a Chromecast stick to plug into the USB port.
  • GrowBox app on your Android device, with MX Player uninstalled.
  • A screen casting app you like, be it AllCast, LocalCast or any other you fancy.
  • A good WiFi connection.

download showbox chromecast

How to Chromecast ShowBox content using GrowBox app:

To Chromecast your movies and TV show episodes using GrowBox, follow these steps in the order they are given to ensure success.

  1. Plug in the Chromecast stick into your TV. Connect your TV to the WiFi signal. This is essential.
  2. Install GrowBox if you haven’t. Make sure you also uninstall MX Player.
  3. Launch ShowBox on your Android device.
  4. Choose a movie you want to watch and tap its icon to go to the page.
  5. Choose your prefered resolution, toggle subtitles if you need to, and choose a player format and server most suitable for you. Torrent servers might not work in some places due to local laws restricting torrent use.
  6. Play the content using the Watch Now button. The content should load on GrowBox as naturally as it did on MX Player.
  7. Once done, go to the top right menu on the screen while the content is playing.
  8. Go to Tools, and choose Cast.
  9. You should now be able to select a screen casting app from ones you have downloaded.
  10. Connect to your Chromecast enabled TV as your app requires (the process varies from app to app).

Your content should play seamlessly on your Chromecast enabled TV, all due to Growbox supporting ShowBox’s amazing content.

Some have been able to cast their entertainment to the big screen using screen casting apps directly, without using an intermediary media player. Using Growbox is superior in my opinion, since it converts your Android device into a scroll friendly remote control.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.