Downlad Showbox APP For iPhone/iPad : Showbox For IOS

Watching free movies and TV shows on your iPad or iPhone is just as easy as watching them on Android, thanks to ShowBox App For IPhone/Ipad. Well, not ShowBox exactly, but it’s twin app that goes by the name of MovieBox.

Just like ShowBox, MovieBox doesn’t come officially available via the App Store that by default installs apps on iOS devices. It needs to be side loaded via its dmg file. But unlike ShowBox, you cannot just find MovieBox dmg file to install right away on the internet. To install the app, you’ll have to take recourse to an intermediary app, called vShare.

Showbox for iphone/Ipad IOS

How to Install MovieBox App on iOS devices? To Enjoy Features Of Showbox On Iphone

Let’s get right to the procedure:

  1. On your iOS device, look up vShare dmg file on Google and download it.
  2. Install the downloaded file. Click Trust whenever prompted by your device.
  3. Launch vShare app. Look up MovieBox app on it, and you should find the app’s dmg file to download. Download it.
  4. Install the downloaded file as before. Like before, Click Trust when prompted.
  5. Your app is now ready. MovieBox is now accessible through your Home menu like any other app.

What Is The Difference Between ShowBox And MovieBox?

What is the difference between Download ShowBox For Iphone/ Ipad and MovieBox? They sure look and work exactly the same. They have the same movies to offer in equally good quality prints, and have similar services like Subtitles, Player options and Server sorting.The interface and design are the same too. So are they the same?

No. There is one major difference between the two. ShowBox For IOS is built exclusively for Android, and can run on Blackberry 10.2.1 and above and on Windows 7, 8 and 10 through Android Emulators. MovieBox, on the other hand, is built to bring the functionality and entertainment of ShowBox to iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. So it by definition excludes all other OS, compounded by the fact that not many non Apple devices run iOS.

What You Need To Run ShowBox Movies On iOS?

Showbox for IOS

To make sure you can get the app running properly on your iOS device, here is a short list of things necessary to run MovieBox app on your iPhone or iPad. Check them off as you go through them.

  • A good speed internet connection. A strong WiFi connection, or a 3G or 4G connection should work great.
  • Some empty space on your device to run the app properly. If you don’t have enough space, consider moving some of your less important stuff to a cloud storage service or to a USB drive or similar external storage.
  • A video player app like MX Player. MX Player is the default app that is accessed by ShowBox and MovieBox to play video content. Android also has alternatives like GrowBox. You can also play the video through custom players, and set them as the default too.

This was all about getting ShowBox for iPhone and iPad Or IOS, or should i call it MovieBox. It sure helps they are carbon copies that cover both the major smartphone Operating Systems. Drop us any queries below.